Elaine Kazimierczuk taught chemistry for many years before emerging as a professional artist. During her time as a teacher, she wrote and illustrated a series of books on local history, besides collaborating with sculptor Peter Eugene Ball.

Many of Elaine’s semi-abstract landscape paintings are based on interpretations of intimately-known localities. Her intention is to make paintings that convey the essence of a place and interpret the disorder of the natural world, such as the exuberance of a summer herbaceous border in a cottage garden or the complex tangle of a wild autumn hedgerow. “I use selective vision, choosing elements from the array of visual patterns before me and turning these into my own idiosyncratic motifs.”

“In a landscape, what lures me is the chaotic array of vegetation, that unintended display, showy yet modest, new life alongside decay, an intricate assembly of riotous beauty. I want my paintings of woodlands and hedgerows to evoke the smell of vegetation, the silence of a quiet clearing, deep shadows and the play of light,” Elaine explains.

Her intention is to give viewers an immersive experience, which is often provided through her use of diptychs and triptychs. The onlooker can survey the figurative landscape as well as focus on all the abstract areas from which the image is composed.

Elaine achieves a tension between looseness and control in her depictions of meadows, trees and hedgerows. Frequently working on a bright red or earthy terracotta ground, which makes the overpainted colours resonate, she adopts a bold, energetic approach with evident freedom in her brushwork.

In addition to the demand for Elaine’s landscapes, there is a growing clientele for her portraiture. Her painting of Stephen Green was shortlisted for the 2016 BP Portrait Award.

Elaine was the winner of the Mary Moser Award for 2018 at Oxfordshire Artweeks. She was selected by Art Aesthetics magazine as one of the Top 5 at The Other Art Fair, London in October 2017. Her work is exhibited at art fairs and in gallery exhibitions in the UK and abroad, including a solo show at the Brian Sinfield Gallery in Burford in 2019 and group shows at the Djanogly Gallery in Nottingham, The Jam Factory in Oxford and Webbs Fine Art Gallery in London.