This Place, Far Away

Saturday 22 August to Saturday 19 September 2020

Our first online exhibition presented over 40 new works by 9 of the gallery’s artists: Golnaz Afraz, Victoria Ball, Serena Curmi, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Dan Parry-Jones, Annette Pugh, Pen Reid, Claire Sandars and Sara Willett.

Ranging from oil, acrylic and mixed-media paintings to ink drawings, they were created during lockdown, often in makeshift home studios. Some of the work can be seen as the artists’ responses to the confined situation they found themselves in, while others continue to explore previous subjects, made even more poignant by the artists’ restricted contact with the outside world.

All share the common theme of place: the restrictive domestic sphere, the garden as escape, real places once visited, internal spaces, imagined places and a yearning for places new.