Bristol-based fine artist and illustrator Cordelia Hutchison graduated in History of Art from Bristol University. As part of her degree she spent a term in Florence, training in fine art at the Charles H. Cecil Studios, where she was taught old atelier techniques and learned in-depth how to draw and paint from life models.

Cordelia’s favourite subject to paint is wildlife. She has had the opportunity to make multiple visits to Brazil and the forests of Borneo, where she loves watching the behaviour of wild animals in their natural habitat. These experiences provide the inspiration for her current work.

Using bold, vibrant colours that evoke the tropical places she has visited, Cordelia paints exotic beasts, birds and plants set against abstract backgrounds. Her love of pattern, inspired by an interest in vintage vases and fabrics, is expressed in each piece.

“I like capturing the interplay between the subject and its environment while keeping a semi-abstract composition. I usually do an underpainting in a vibrant colour and leave this to show through in areas of the work, adding to the layers of colour. Working in oils allows me to give a dynamic energy and spontaneity to my pieces.”

Cordelia’s work has been shown in gallery exhibitions including at the Mall Galleries in London, and at Battersea, Hampstead and Bristol Affordable Art Fairs, most recently at Battersea with Gala Fine Art in July 2021 and March 2022. She took part in Gala Fine Art and ArtDog London’s group exhibition Near and Far at Ballroom Arts in Aldeburgh in August 2022.