Birmingham-based artist Annette Pugh has a deep-set fascination with archive materials and the printed image. Through a range of media, she explores, edits and re-presents concepts relating to leisure, longing and absence. Annette’s work explores our collective memory, familiar yet anonymous scenarios and locations.

Using a variety of media, Annette draws on the family album and hitherto lost or forgotten souvenirs to create images that play with photographic histories and engage with a powerful sense of time, place and narrative.

Annette has an MA in Fine Art and an MA in Art and Design Histories. She has exhibited extensively, including at the Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition in Bristol, the Coventry University Drawing Prize exhibition and the West Midlands Open. Most recently she has engaged with a series of solo painting and photographic shows in private galleries, contributed to a series of collaborative projects with Art\write and is co-curator of Next Wave, a biennial exhibition for emerging and mid-career artists.

Annette is also a member of Birmingham Artspace and RBSA.