Birmingham-based artist Annette Pugh is a member of Birmingham Artspace and RBSA. She has a deep-set fascination with archive materials and the printed image. Through a range of media, she explores, edits and re-presents concepts relating to leisure, longing and absence.

Annette draws on long discarded and forgotten photographic sources such as family photo albums and images on slide and film. The original sources show brief moments, figures recorded at leisure and personal histories that remain unknown.

As a medium, film offers an instant snapshot, but it fades and deteriorates over time. Painting however transposes the medium, allowing the artist to alter, adapt and rewrite the scene, imposing her own nostalgic views and interpretations.

Annette’s paintings show a moment of longing and have a wider association with the history of the British Seaside, the beaches, parks and outdoor spaces inhabited in our leisure time. Created during the pandemic, when the staycation brought such places so vividly back to our attention, Annette’s small works explore her fascination with lost and disregarded locations that have become ideal destinations again, making way for a new era of memories.

Annette has a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, an MA in Fine Art and an MA in Art and Design Histories. She has exhibited extensively, including at the Royal West of England Academy Open Exhibition (Bristol), the Coventry University Drawing Prize exhibition, the West Midlands Open and the RBSA Open (Birmingham).

Her work is also exhibited in solo painting and photographic shows in commercial galleries, including most recently at Colley Ison Gallery (Birmingham) in 2019 and 2018 and at Argentea Gallery (Birmingham) in the same years. Recent group exhibitions include Figurative Art Now at the Mall Galleries, Ikon for Artists at Ikon Gallery Birmingham and Returning Voices (Art\write online project) in 2021, Hinterland 3 at the Medicine Gallery, Birmingham, in 2020, at Blue Door Gallery, Coventry, in 2019 and at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in 2018. Annette has contributed to a series of collaborative projects with Art\write and is co-curator of Next Wave, a biennial exhibition for emerging and mid-career artists.

Gala Fine Art showed Annette’s work at London Art Fair in April 2022 and will show her there again in January 2023.