Near & Far

Joint exhibition with Art Dog London
Tuesday 2 to Sunday 7 August 2022
Ballroom Arts, 152A High Street, Aldeburgh, Suffolk IP15 5AQ
Gala Fine Art Bristol and ArtDog London went to the Suffolk coast with an exhibition of work by 14 of their gallery artists at Ballroom Arts, a new arts venue in the seaside town of Aldeburgh. Near & Far featured work by leading contemporary painters from Bristol, Cornwall, London, Norfolk, Suffolk and Spain from 2 to 7 August 2022.
Gala Fine Art presented paintings by Serena Curmi, Cordelia Hutchison, Lucinda Metcalfe and Dan Parry-Jones, as well as newcomers Ella Carty and Tom Hughes, while ArtDog exhibited work by Ruth Bunnewell, Sophie Capron, Louise Craigie, Kate Felton Hall, Lisa Henshall, Sara Johnson, Becky Munting and Claudia de Vilafames.
Just as the artists are from near and far, so the subject matter of the paintings took visitors on a journey, from semi-abstract interiors and photorealist still lifes to woods and forests, swimming pools with sunlight reflections, holiday scenes with LA vibes, brooding mountains, abstracted landscapes, beach huts at sunrise and vibrant wildlife, via colourful abstract works inspired by nature or made using reclaimed materials.

Escape into Colour

Friday 7 to Sunday 9 May 2021
The Hull Room, 1b Saltoun Road, Brixton, London SW2 1EN
Escape into Colour was a pop-up exhibition of new work by three of Gala Fine Art’s painters – Lucinda Metcalfe, Dan Parry-Jones and Lucy du Sautoy (Dawn Beckles was featured in the printed catalogue but withdrew). Prevented from being held as planned in London in November 2020 because of lockdown, the exhibition was previewed on this website for one weekend for mailing list subscribers only. It finally took place in real life from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 May 2021 and featured a selection of brand new paintings by Lucinda, Dan and Lucy as well as work from the catalogue.
Because escaping to sunnier climes is no mean feat at the moment, we decided it was time for an injection of hot colour into our lives, in the form of vibrant original paintings. These three artists’ colour palettes are a tonic for the soul and are sure to lift your spirits in these challenging times. For this selection of artists, colour has many different meanings and purposes: they are an extension of the emotions; they are reminders of the past; they evoke society’s obsession with seeing the world through filtered digital images; they convey the sweltering heat of an LA summer by day and by night; they represent the reassuring glow of city lights illuminating the darkness; and they transport us to a lush English country garden in springtime.

Paint My Meadow

Sunday 6 to Sunday 13 December 2020
Magdalen Road Studios, 74-77 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX4 1RE
When Britain was plunged into lockdown in March 2020, Oxford-based landscape artist Elaine Kazimierczuk turned to social media to find inspiration for her work. Spring is normally a busy time for Elaine, who is renowned for colourful semi-abstract landscape paintings of wildflower meadows. Suddenly unable to get out into nature to make preparatory sketches and take photos, Elaine turned to Twitter and Instagram for help. She invited members of the public to send her photos of their own wildflower hotspots, using the hashtag #paintmymeadow.
Elaine received a huge variety of photographs from all over the UK and the world and she spent the summer creating a series of 18 expressive semi-abstract oil paintings based on her favourite images from those submitted. Taking viewers on a vibrant journey through the lush countryside in spring and summer, the paintings are the perfect antidote to the dark, damp days of winter.

This Place, Far Away

Saturday 22 August to Saturday 19 September 2020
Our first online exhibition presented over 40 new works by 9 of the gallery’s artists: Golnaz Afraz, Victoria Ball, Serena Curmi, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Dan Parry-Jones, Annette Pugh, Pen Reid, Claire Sandars and Sara Willett.
Ranging from oil, acrylic and mixed-media paintings to ink drawings, they were created during lockdown, often in makeshift home studios. Some of the work can be seen as the artists’ responses to the confined situation they found themselves in, while others continue to explore previous subjects, made even more poignant by the artists’ restricted contact with the outside world.
All share the common theme of place: the restrictive domestic sphere, the garden as escape, real places once visited, internal spaces, imagined places and a yearning for places new.

Seven Painters

Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 November 2018
Montpelier, Bristol BS6
An exhibition of new paintings by seven of the gallery’s artists – Daniel Ablitt, Amy Devlin, Elaine Kazimierczuk, Kate Milsom, Dan Parry-Jones, Lucy du Sautoy and Sara Willett – presented in an open house setting in Bristol in autumn 2018.