Alongside selling paintings at pop-up exhibitions, art fairs and online, Gala Fine Art’s director, Kate Bignold, runs a free try before you buy service, bringing a selection of art to your home so you can see how it looks on your walls before committing to making a purchase (no obligation to buy). Either let Kate know which artists’ work you particularly like, or arrange a video call or home visit to discuss your requirements and your taste in art and let Kate put a selection of work together for you.

Kate can also visit your home to curate your art collection, which includes refreshing your existing display, helping you decide where to hang a new purchase or pieces that haven’t made it onto your walls yet, and advising on and organising framing/reframing. The process usually begins with a free video call consultation to discuss your needs. A consultancy fee is charged when Kate visits your home but this will be waived if you buy a painting by one of Gala Fine Art’s artists, depending on the amount of time required for the job.

For all enquiries, please get in touch with Kate via the contact form.



Buy art because you love it! Because it reminds you of a special time or place, because the subject, colours or theme resonate with you, because it expresses your individual personality or style in some way, because it brings you joy.

Keep your art collection looking fresh by rotating your display from time to time. You may have pieces you rarely look at because they’re in a hidden corner of your home. Or you walk past them on your way out every day and have stopped noticing them. You may want to change the mood of a room depending on the season or what you use the space for.

Don’t hang work too high. As a general rule of thumb, for a single row of pictures, the centre of the artwork should be roughly eye level. Of course rules are there to be broken and you can have fun with a gallery (or salon) hang: filling an area of wall with a hotch-potch of different art (paintings, prints, photographs, drawings etc) framed in a variety of styles and hung close together, which gives a striking collective effect.

Make a statement. For a bold, clean look, hang one big piece on a wall on its own, or two or three pieces the same size and in the same frame in a row. Measure carefully so they all sit at the same height.

Avoid hanging a small piece on its own on a big wall. It can make the room look unbalanced. Instead group it with a cluster of other small work for impact or give it pride of place on a narrow section of wall.